Dissolvable Hemp CBD that Takes Effect Quicker, Absorbs More Effectively, and Lasts Longer.

• Effects felt in a matter of minutes

• Absorbed by your body 100x better than typical CBD products

• Lasts approximately 8 hours

What Our Product Does

Wonder why edibles are common but, “drinkables” not so much? It’s all because oil (CBD oil included!) does not mix well with water.

CBD is no longer the next “new thing”, it’s ubiquitous and ever-growing in popularity. This means it’s time to expand and explore the possibilities of what to use it for and how to use it. MJ Wooly went ahead and created a solution to making the “how” a little easier.

Using US-grown industrial hemp, concentrated oil and isolates, we convert into a dissolvable liquid or powder that’s not only incredibly accessible for you to integrate into consumer products, but also effective due to its high concentration of CBD. Consider the laws of nature broken…in a good way.

What Makes Us Different

MJ Wooly’s sophisticated technology makes Hemp CBD work faster, longer, and stronger for you.

Not only have we come up with a solution to help you seamlessly infuse products, our dissolvable CBD formula is more efficient at giving you the benefits of CBD. Besides being awesome at adding our product to your product manufacturing process, MJ Wooly’s CBD formula is:

  • Quick acting—effects can be felt in as little as 5 minutes

  • Highly effective at absorbing into your body—think 100x more than typical CBD oil

  • Long lasting—expect effects to last about 8 hours


What We Believe In

Here at MJ Wooly, wellness is what’s on our mind. By creating a quality CBD product that’s effective and accessible for everyone, we’d like to say that we’re promoting “level headed wellness” for everyone and anyone who’s interested in hemp CBD products.

It’s comforting to know the product you’re trusting for your wellness is safe to use. At MJ Wooly we have no problem providing complete transparency into the efforts we’ve made to create a healthy, efficient product that is lab tested and trusted by professionals. Visit our Technology page (insert link for Technology page) for more information on testimonials, case studies, and clinical trials.